Frequently Ask Questions & Guidelines

How to start?

Before you can start using our services you must register on our website.
You need enter your first name, last name, email, password, confirm password, timezone and language
All your personal data you can change later in your dashboard.

In your Dashboard click on the right botton above (on your name) and then Subscription.
From Dropdown menu select your subscription and your best payment method.
Currently we accept secure credit card payments.

Our support is always free.
We can help you via Viber, Whatsapp, Email, Facebook messenger or via Team Viewer if you need tehnical support too.

If your plan is activated you can start with configuration your domain name.

Important: you must first configure SPF, DKIM records in your DNS provider.
If you do not know how and you do not have experiences, we will help you for free.
If you do not want create records, a lot of Emails providers (Gmail,etc..) will send your newslettes in spam folder.

1. Click on menu "Sending" and "Sending Domains".
2. Enter your domain name.
3. In the next step application will create for you all neccessarry records, like: SPF, DKIM.

Domain verification and DKIM

Add the following information to your domain's DNS records to confirm that you own it and to prevent others from using it.
Hit the Verify Now button once you are done. Note that it may take up to 2 days for the DNS update to fully propogate.
You will also need to add a DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) record, which is a way to authorize your email.
Once you're done, any outgoing email whose FROM email address matches the domain will be signed and can be verified by the recipient's server.

If you are sending directly from the hosting server (i.e. using PHP Mail or Sendmail), you also need an SPF record indicating to ISPs that you have authorized the server's IP address to send email for your domain.

These values you must copy/paste in your DNS provider.
If everyting OK you can click button "Verify now".

Your domain is validated only if you have on the right side with green color "VERIFIED"
We know this is not so easy for beginners, so we offer free help.

First step is completed.

1. Click on menu "List".
2. Click on button "Create list".
3. You must fill all the fields marked with "*".
If you do not want to fill one of them, for example: Company, ZIP Postal code, State, City and Phone you can use fill with "abc", or other value.
This data is important if you need use with our tag in your newsletters (after creating your Campaign).

You can add your Company, ZIP Postal code, State, City and Phone manually in your newsletter.

For each textbox we have added hint.
Please be carefully here.
Very important is "Default From Name" and "Default from email address".

4. Click on button "Save".
5. Click on "New subscriber".

6. You can add your email manually or you can import.
Now we will import all our emails with click on button "Import".

Important: Acceptable file type is CSV.
You can import email, first and last name.
First and last name is not neccessarry.

If you have a large file, importing takes some time.
Our application importing in background, so you can close your browser.

With our application you can add segments, embedded forms, Manage list fields,
email verification (check below)

7. If you want to Export your list, click on buttom "Export".

Second step is completed.
1. Click on menu "Campaigns".
2. Click on menu "Create campaign".
3. Select campaign type:
- Regular; Campaign with HTML email content as well as images, links.
This is the most common type.
- Plain text; Send a plain-text email without link tracking, images, or HTML.

Both campaigns type have the same sending process.

4. Choose one or more lists/segments for sending email and click on button "Save & Next".

5. In next step you must fill "Name your campaign", "Email subject", From name, "From email" and "Reply to". Then click on button "Save & Next".

6. Choose template or you can Upload your template. You will get Build template.
With our editors you can drag and drop text/images,etc..., you can change source code if you want, etc...
If you are satisfied with your template, you must in the right side click on Button "Save".
In your screen you will get Email content.
If you want to add Attachments, just click link "Attachments".
If everything OK with your template preview click on button "Save".

7. In your screen you will get "Schedule", when you want send your campaign.
You can choose Delivery date and Delivery time. Then click on button "Save & Next"

8. The last step called: You're all set to send!
Review the feedback before sending your campaign.
Before confirming the campaign to e-mail addresses, you can test it by clicking the button "Send a test email" or you can click on button "Send".

Our application working in background. After click on button "Send" you can close your browser.